It's like putting together a puzzle?
Dishware that makes arranging your tabletop fun

Among the select brands bought abroad, we focus on the unique concept tableware that is a collaboration between the Merci store in Paris and the Belgian brand Serax. This tableware makes coordinating your table as simple and fun as bringing together the dishes and plates, and it stimulates the senses.

If you have invited guests to a party or event at your home, you think seriously about how to coordinate the tableware and cutlery on the table, but you don't normally have the time to do all that for your everyday meals. But, when the family has taken the trouble to gather at the dining table, if only we could create a table that is functional but also beautiful and rich...

And so, we have this tableware produced by Daniel, the artistic director of the Parisian select shop Merci, based on the concept of "a slightly different collection, simple, functional and suited to the modern lifestyle."
The tableware, inspired by Russell Wright's American Modern Dinnerware and Japanese bento lunchboxes, is rustic pottery that retains the earthy textures and is glazed in navy, brown, black, or white. The large, medium, and small dishes are sized so that they can be nested inside one another, and the four corners are rounded so that when they are neatly arranged together, it produces a nice casual feeling. Arranging these nested items like this is just like assembling a puzzle, and it's fun to think about the balance of color and size.

The dishes and plates have a consistently simple design, so even if you arrange a lot of them, the effect is not overstated. The fact that the basic colors, which make the food stand out, are suited to any everyday dish makes them appealingly easy to use. And not only is each dish easy to use, but if you arrange the various items in the series, you can complete a stylish dining table, and it's simple to serve your meal cafe-style using small plates!
Because we don't buy new tableware every season as we do with clothes, the ability to coordinate it is the key. This new type of tableware series, which allows your table to be nicely and easily coordinated every day, is sure to inspire you to work hard at cooking every day and coming up with ways to present it.

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This tableware does not distract from the food, and yet there are pieces with milky white or gray nuances that bring out the colors of the ingredients, and pieces in red or blue that create a gorgeous table. Whether you arrange by color or mix them up, you'll be pleased by how they retain their sense of unity.

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Use the big bowl for vegetable side dishes or for a rice bowl dish. The small bowl can be used for soup or for cafe au lait. If you also arrange Chinese soup spoons, it makes it even easier to bring together the coordination.

Warm and comfortable textures and color tones. Not only does it give the table a relaxing feel, but it also has an appealing sense of inclusivity that goes with any cuisine, whether Japanese, Western, or Asian.

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