Catch on to the messages your skin is sending

Moon Peach is made with a focus on shell ginger, a herb used in Okinawa since ancient times, and Elemental Herbology is based on the 5 elements from Eastern tradition. Women's rhythms respond to the rhythm of the Earth... we've gathered skin care products that will help you realize that and take care of your skin.

If your skin has moisture and shine, you won't be as concerned with slight discoloration and wrinkles.

When you're leading an active lifestyle, your skin can get tired, and as you age, patches of discoloration and wrinkles will start to crop up. But if you notice this, you don't want to just give up on your skin, but rather take proper care of it.

The important thing is to get back the supple texture your skin once had.

Moon Peach is a skincare line created with a simple concept: to maximize the barrier function that the skin originally had, which protects from drying and damage, and to strengthen the skin itself.

Elemental Herbology is a skincare line with a new approach that uses the ancient Chinese concept of wu xing, which states that everything is made up of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), and offers a range of products that can be selected based on your skin type, lifestyle, the season, and how you're feeling.

The skin is a barometer for your everyday life.
When you stay up late, the skin gets rough and breaks out, and when you don't get enough nutrients, it dries out.
When you're happy, your skin glows, and when you're sad, it goes dull and dry
Your lifestyle is reflected in your skin, so you should take a good look at it, and care for it using the power of nature.

Elemental Herbology
Nature, people, skin quality, and health are all affected by the five elements. If one of these elements is out of balance, this body care method will restore balance, in an approach that deeply involves both mind and body.

Body Oil (all 5 types): ¥7,200 each
Moon Peach
The roots, stem, and leaves of the shell ginger plant are soaked in oil, and the goodness of the natural ingredients is extracted without heating, to produce a powerful oil. It makes the skin smooth and supple.

Circulate Oil: ¥4,300
The leaves, stem, and flowers of the shell ginger plant are boiled and steamed, to produce a fragrant distilled liquid with shell ginger ingredients gently added to it. It's a great lotion for moisturizing the skin at the beginning of your skincare routine, and it's good to use on your body and hair.

Shell Ginger Distillation: ¥2,500

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  • Earth Balance Bath And Body Oil

    Wood Rejuvenation Bath And Body Oil


  • Circulate Oil 60ml

    Circulate Oil 60ml


  • Japanese Herb Shell Ginger Distilled Water

    Japanese Herb Shell Ginger Distilled Water


  • Circulate Precious Balm 7ml

    Circulate Precious Balm 7ml


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