Will you give it as a gift or keep it for yourself?

This season’s KIOSQUE offers a selection of items recommended to be given as gifts. We believe that presents should be things that also make you want them for yourself.

Magazines feature plenty of "Gift Specials," but outside of candy, it can be really hard to find a gift that will make someone happy! If you’re giving a little thank-you present to a female friend, how about an easy-to-use tote bag or pouch? You can never have too many, and it’s something they wouldn’t have though to buy for themselves. What’s more, since it’s a casual accessory, you’re free to have fun choosing the color and design. Simply by attaching a few words; “I thought this color would look good on you!”, you’ll be able to communicate that you’ve been keeping them in your thoughts. Isn’t that the mark of a great gift? And of course, if it’s something you’d give to a close friend as a present, that means it’s great for your own use too.

This season’s KIOSQUE tote bags are made from thick velour and lined across the bottom with grosgrain ribbon, producing a highly durable item. This high-quality product is completely made in Japan, from textiles to sewing. The seven colors available are trendy, warm colors perfect for the autumn and winter months. Available in three sizes: the A4-sized “Grand,” “Petit,” large enough to hold a long purse, and “Pouch.” The Grand size is a great daily bag, large enough to carry anything you want to hold in it, and is also perfectly as a mother’s bag for your friends with kids. The Petit is great for holding your purse while you pop out for a second, and its stylish exterior can also hold the Pouch size within it.

With three easy-to-use sizes, plus seven different colors, you can choose the best option to match your friend’s character and fashion. How about buying all of them in the same color, or the same item in many colors to give to all your friends? Will you give it to a friend or to yourself?

Seven carefully-selected colors and three sizes, from A4-sized, to long purse sized, to petit. KIOSQUE’s new tote, made with care from textiles to sewing. Buy the different sizes in the same color, or go for a mix of sizes and colors.
Gran: W 35.5 x H 35cm, ¥8,000.
Petit: W 20.6 x H 20.5cm, ¥5,000.
Pouch: W 13 x H 19cm, ¥3,000.

On top of the velour bag, we are also offering a trendy over-the-shoulder nubuck pochette and sacoche. Great for use when going out on a day off, or on a longer trip. The pochette will be released in eight colors, and the sacoche in four.
Pochette: W 15 x H 20cm, ¥7,000 .
Sacoche: W 24 x H 18.5cm, ¥9,000 .

  • PHOTO:Tisch
  • STYLING:Keita Izukak
  • HAIR:Takao Hayashi
  • MAKE:Mai Kodama
  • TEXT: Yuriko Iso