What’s ALIITA?

Minimal, unique, elegant, and with a feminine touch. ALIITA, a jewelry brand with an atmosphere of effortlessness, was created in Milan in 2015 by jewelry designer Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni. The name ALIITA means “important object” in an ancient language from Venezuela, South America, the country where the designer was born and raised. Before starting her brand, Cynthia built up experience by working in several luxury brands in Europe, including Miu Miu and Jil Sander. Taking advantage of her outstanding fashion sense, she continues to fascinate women by creating jewelry expressed in delicate lines of gold, including her representative collections, PURA and ARO. “PERA” and “MIAU” are ALIITA’s first collaborations with MAISON DE REEFUR. We are pleased to share her whole story with you—happenings while she was in Japan, the background to the conception of her design motifs, the ideas incorporated into her collections, her lifestyle, and so on—together with a message from her.

Eight questions for the "ALIITA" designer, Cynthia

1. MAISON DE REEFUR When you visited Daikanyama, what about the shop or Daikanyama itself left an impression? Alternatively, what image do you have of Tokyo?

My impression of the Daikanyama shop is that it is avant-garde. It even stocks lovely stationery and dresses, all of which I want to buy. It’s the kind of place where all women enjoy unique experiences, like having fun shopping. Japan is definitely one of my favorite countries. I love the energy that Tokyo has; it has something that resonates for me. I also find that the elegant and cool fashion that everyone wears constantly stimulates me.

2. What impression did you have meeting the director, Rinka, this summer?

Before I met her, I was already completely aware that she was a gorgeous and sophisticated woman. Actually meeting her, I felt, very strongly, that she was someone who is both charming and has the intelligence of a clear will. It’s this personality that makes her a fashion icon, I think.

3. Where did you get the idea for the design motifs in the collaborative collections PERA and MIAU?

"PERA" is the word for pear in Spanish (the official language of Venezuela). This was a request from MAISON DE REEFUR’s director, Rinka, but I’m really happy about it as fruits are one of my favorite motifs. You can feel femininity and sophistication in the pear’s curvy silhouette. So what about “MIAU”? What is it? Well, it’s actually the Spanish word for a cat’s cry. When I visited the Daikanyama shop, I saw the entrance with the lighting, and thought it looked just like a stage for a cat show! That’s what gave me the idea for the design. Designing “MIAU” has made me like cats even more than before. I think it would be just lovely if people who live with cats wear this item and always feel as if their family is with them.

4. What’s important for you each morning, when you choose some clothes to wear from the wardrobe and add some jewelry to match?

The thing that I am particular about when selecting jewelry is, first of all, that it is simple. The next thing is whether or not it expresses me. The other important thing is the kind of mood it will put me in when I wear it. For example, when I wear the cat necklace, I feel the presence of my pet cat, or my family, no matter where I happen to be.

5. What rings of accessories to you take with you or wear when you’re traveling? Three things: the CASITA BRACELET (which has a motif of a house), the NADADORA NECKLACE (a necklace with a swimmer), and the ARO EARRIGNGS (hoop-shaped pierced earrings). It’s because I always feel peace of mind when I wear these three things, for some reason. I don’t like taking lots of things with me when I travel, so my rule is to go simple, and just take the minimal amount of jewelry.

6. What cities or areas do you want to visit next? And why?

Guatemala. I want to understand the Mayan culture better, and I want to experience the pleasure of the colors and the scenery that nature produces so purely.

7. What’s the source of your inspiration when you create a big theme for a season's collection or when you design individual items?

Everything’s a source of inspiration for me. I get inspiration from cinema, from travel, and from reading books to my two sons before they go to bed.

8. How about a message for MAISON DE REEFUR customers? How do you want them to feel when they wear your jewelry?

I sincerely wish that everyone is going to like these two designs and that they will make everyone feel happy. I want people to enjoy a unique style by layering other ALIITA motifs on top, like the house or the pineapple.

The items in this collaboration have an original novelty card, designed especially by Cynthia, that goes with them. The sweet cards for “PERA” and “MIAU” will instantly put a smile on your face. Cynthia ordered the production in her homeland of Venezuela—each card made individually, by hand. At the same time, Cynthia sees this activity as an economic return for her homeland, where there are problems of hunger among the poor. We can imagine that the cards are going to be used in all sorts of ways—as decorations in rooms or as message cards for someone special. Jewelry is something that we need to express who we are. The items in ALIITA’s collections fill us with the joy of being a woman as soon as we put them on. We welcome you to the journey of finding MY ALIITA—your own precious things.

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