Privacy Policy

JUN Co. Ltd. (hereinafter “JUN”) regards the personal information of all those who provide personal information to JUN (hereinafter “Principals”), including the customers who use this website, as requiring cautious handling according to principles of respect for the personal character of individuals. JUN therefore acknowledges the protection of personal information as being a social responsibility foundational to its business activities, and stipulates as follows the method by which such information is to be handled in efforts to protect personal information.

1. JUN will appropriately collect, use and provide the personal information of customers while limiting these activities to the scope necessary tosonal Information

2. Appropriate Management of Personal Information

JUN will take reasonable safety measures to prevent improper access to personal information, or the loss, destruction, improper manipulation or leakage of personal information, and will take any necessary corrective measures.

3. Compliance with Laws, etc., Concerning Personal Information

JUN will comply with laws and guidelines concerning personal information in its handling of customers’ personal information.

4. Protection, Maintenance and Improvement of Personal Information

JUN will retain a personal information protection and management professional for the proper handling of personal information, and will conduct training and inspection of employee handling of personal information while making efforts for the continual revision, improvement and upgrade of efforts to protect personal information.

JUN Co. Ltd.

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Handling of Personal Information

1. Purpose and Scope Personal Information Use

JUN will, under the following circumstances, use personal information such as name, gender, date of birth, postal code, address, telephone number, e-mail address, username and password for the purposes listed below:

  1. Registered membership management;
  2. Promotional campaign and questionnaire survey implementation;
  3. Notification (to include communication by e-mail) of items necessary for the operation of the website;
  4. Advertising, publicity and sales promotion of JUN merchandise (to include communication by e-mail);
  5. E-mail magazine distribution;
  6. Packaging and shipment of merchandise, etc.;
  7. Billing and calculation of charges;
  8. After-sale service and response to various inquiries;
  9. Marketing data surveys and analysis, and development of new services;
  10. Production of statistical materials to be provided to business partner firms;
  11. Execution of business operations in cases in which the handling of personal information has been undertaken on consignment from business partners, etc.;
  12. Exercise of rights and performance of obligations with contractual, legal or other grounds.

2. Provision and Disclosure of Personal Information

JUN will not provide or disclose to any third party personal information collected from customers except under any of the circumstances listed below:

  1. Cases in which prior permission or consent regarding the disclosure or sharing of the information has been obtained from the Principal;
  2. Cases in which disclosure is sought on the grounds of legal procedure by courts, police or other official institutions;
  3. Cases in which disclosure is determined to be necessary to prevent the occurrence of serious damage to the life, person or assets of the Principal or a third party.

3. Use of Cookies

Advertisements distributed by third parties may be displayed by JUN. In some cases, the aforementioned third party may obtain and use information such as cookie data concerning customers who visit the home page of the website operated by JUN Co. Ltd. (MAISON DE REEFUR OFFICIAL WEB SHOP).

Cookie data and other information obtained by the aforementioned third party will be handled according to the privacy policy of the third party. “Cookie” refers to a system in which data such as the use history of transmissions between browser and server and the content entered when using a web page are saved as a file on the customer’s computer. Customers can suspend third-party advertisement distribution based on cookie data by accessing the opt-out page within the aforementioned third party’s website.

Settings methods differ among browsers. Check your browser’s “Help” menu for cookie-related settings methods. Please note that selection of a setting rejecting all cookies may result in certain restrictions on the use of various Internet-based services, including an inability to receive services requiring authentication.

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